Service Ideas for Lions of 5M5



Here are ideas in one of the five key areas of service on ways to serve your community:



  • Collect eyeglasses and donate to MN Lions Vision Foundation Trustee.


  •   Donate large print books to your local library. Put donation labels (Donated by the ____ Lions Club with the month and year) in large-print books that are donated to local libraries. (Check with libraries first to see what books they want to acquire.) 


  • Help make tactile baby blankets for babies who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities or deaf blindness.

          Donate locally, if needed, or to Perkins International.


  •  Construct a Sorry game for visually-impaired seniors at a nursing home.




  • Low vision kits - create kits for people who have been recently diagnosed as low vision or who are blind:  







 These kits can be given to Lions members to begin with and then to people who are identified in the community.