Service Ideas for Lions of 5M5



Here are ideas in one of the five key areas of service on ways to serve your community:


  • Collect recipes – then create a diabetic cookbook.


  • Take At-Risk Test - Have group take Diabetes at Risk Test.


  • Start a walking group in your community.  This can also raise awareness of Lions in your community. 


  • Have a diabetes-friendly lunch and invite Lions, Community Members, or Seniors.


  • Make fruit and vegetable baskets for adults – giveaway or prizes during Diabetes Awareness Month.


  • Do a STRIDES Walk for diabetes awareness.  Prior to the STRIDES Walk (and working with the local city/town), place more permanent benches on walking trails and along the sidewalks to encourage walking and more active lifestyles.


  • Collect non-perishable food that is healthy for low-income people with diabetes (this also crosses over to be a hunger project): canned spinach, brown rice, whole-grain pasta, quinoa, millet, canned salmon, sardines, albacore (white) tuna in water, herring, no-salt kidney beans, no-salt pinto beans, no-salt black beans, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, almonds, mandarin oranges in water, canned sweet potatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, and chia seeds. 


  • Donate books about diabetes (Type 1 & 2), healthy eating, and exercise/fitness that are donated to a local school and/or public libraries. (Check with libraries first to see what books they want to acquire.) Add label in book: Donated by _____ Lions.